About Us

EMGO is a locally-made start-up company that produces quality and original products such as Kangaroo Bags,Coin Purse, Cellphone Holder, Hoodies, Jackets and many more.

EMGO aims to be the brand of choice of every Filipino Millennials. We exist to produce "Better products for better Millennials." We sell and develop products that are trendy and useful.



To empower millennials by creating products that would help them in their everyday needs


To be the top supplier of personalized apparels in the Philippines.




EMGO started  last May of 2016 with 4 people working hand in hand to meet the demands of the company. We then launched services via our Facebook page, offering products such as drawstring bags, available via shipping services and cash-on delivery.

From products limited to drawstring and kangaroo bags, we later on offered pocket tees, water-resistant notebooks, lanyards, cell phone holders and coin purse which are all in demand.

Our customers usually remember our products for its “witty names” and high quality.